6 reasons why you should not use a password manager

I was really curious when I recently came across an article by “a team of global thought leaders and business leaders” why to not use a password manager. Here are my favorite reasons.

mind your head

“Why You Shouldn’t Use a Password Manager” is the title of a recent blog post by an organization called “openbusinesscouncil”. Their conclusion is that password managers should only be used with “utmost caution”. Here are my favorite reasons (please don’t take my comments seriously).

1. “You Could Forget Your Master Password

Forgetting passwords is an increasing problem. The latest security recommendation is to refrain from using passwords at all. Remove password protection from your WIFI, computer login, and social media accounts. Door locks are also recommended to be removed. You could lose your key.

2. “Not all Devices are Secure

So you guys access your password-protected stuff (like your emails) on insecure devices and think that the password manager is the issue? Seriously?

3. “They Don’t Work on all Browsers and Devices

Netflix is so unpopular because it does not work on Internet Explorer. This is really an issue (and Crtl+C/Ctrl+V is really so hard to memorize).

4. “The Service Itself Could be Bad

This is true for all types of services, by the way. If we stop using them because they might be bad, we will not need any passwords either. You see: Password managers are obsolete.

5. “There Might Not be a Backup

Avoid using any backup service including cloud storage. Their service might be bad.

6. “They Don’t Do Your Memory any Favors

It is a real challenge to memorize d!PSX<?u+75)!:?wzDuACJ(";Hq98e7U@Kk]16NS (that’s how most of my passwords look like). Try to do so with unique passwords for 200 different services. Your brain will thank you.

Seriously: You should use a password manager. Write down your master password onto a piece of paper and store it in a safe place. Make sure you have a backup (use a strong master password and backup on Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other service). This will prevent most security issues a person can have (not ransomware, unfortunately).