Insights to my YouTube channel

I reached my first 100 subscribers at YouTube. On this occasion I would like to give you some insights to my YouTube channel.

100 YouTube subscribers

Since my first upload, my videos were viewed 3,236 time and people spend more than 210 hours watching my content. This is amazing :-)

3000 views at YouTube

My most successful video passed 1,000 views alone. It is about advanced features of KeePassXC. I did not expect this to be more successful than my intro to KeePassXC, but obviously there is less content from other YouTubers about advanced stuff (at least this is my interpretation).

Statistics of KeePassXC advanced features video

I furthermore believe that it is successful because people are actively looking for videos about KeePassXC and find the video via the YouTube. Either by actively searching for KeePassXC or by recommendations by YouTube.
The conclusion might be to publish content that people are actively looking for.

It is also amazing that my videos are viewed on average between 150 and 300 times in 48 hours. Every hour, my videos are watched between 6 and 12 times on average.
On the next screenshot you can also see how much impact my most successful video has.

Views in 48 hours

Now let’s come to the worse stuff regarding those statistics. All numbers sound great but… A view does not mean that a user watched the entire video. YouTube does not publish the exact algorithm, but it is assumed that a view counts after 30 seconds of watch time. This is nothing for a 20 minutes video.

Also in this case, the video about advanced KeePassXC features has the best figures.

Average view durations

I am also proud that all my videos received 100% like rate. There was not a single dislike so far (even though this is only a matter of time).

By the way, my favorite video is my interview with Alexander Kolmann from Microsoft’s compromise recovery team. He gave great insights about getting rid of hackers in active directory infrastructures. Part 2 and 3 are following soon.